Alaska earthquake: ‘This could be the biggest one in the history of Alaska’

Anchorage, Alaska — On the outskirts of Anchorage, a house stands at the base of the hill overlooking the water.

The ground is a gentle slope and the house is not at all tall.

The house was built on top of a small stone slab, the roof, and a few small trees.

A few years ago, when a small earthquake struck, a local resident called the police and said that the structure was unstable.

It wasn’t until this year that a seismic survey found the damage, and the structure has been rebuilt.

“It’s pretty impressive,” said Alexia Tipton, a member of the Alaska Earthquake and Mapping Project, or AEMP.

The earthquake, which happened on March 16, 2015, occurred at the same time the U.S. Geological Survey began its seismic survey of the region.

In a statement released by the city, officials said the building is still standing, and that they will work with the city to restore the structure.

Tipton said the house’s owner is still recovering from the damage.

“We were not expecting that much,” she said.

This was the first major earthquake to occur in the city since the 1930s.

In 2015, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake struck near the city.

On March 16 and March 17, 2016, the Anchorage Earthquake Center recorded a magnitude 7.9 quake, a quake that struck at the time of the 2016 Winter Olympics.

With an estimated magnitude of 7.7 and a magnitude of 8.0, the earthquakes were the largest recorded in Alaska, according to the National Weather Service.

There were no injuries, and no deaths were reported.

When it comes to the building itself, the building has a lot of history.

Anchorage was originally a small village, and was named after a British explorer, Alexander McEwan.

McEwans first shipwreck, in 1640, is considered the largest shipwreck ever found in Alaska.

The shipwreck was discovered by the British during the first exploration of the area.

After the wreck was discovered, the village was renamed and named after McEwen.

In 1664, McEwyans daughter, Margaret, married a local named George.

According to the Alaska Historic Preservation Commission, the first house to be built in Anchorage was built in the early 1830s.

Before that, the oldest house was constructed in 1637, according the Alaska Historical Preservation Commission.

At the time, the area was part of the Hudson River Valley.

Over the years, the city has become known for its natural beauty and its unique architecture.

During the first few years after the Anchorage earthquake, the town was known as “Tin Town,” because of the numerous tin-making and coal-mining jobs, the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

The area became known as the “Tine Town” because of its proximity to the Tin River.

But the city’s fortunes changed with the development of the railroad and the mining industry.

The railroad, which brought the town of approximately 2,000 people to a new era of prosperity and prosperity, was started in 1885.

It would have a major impact on the economy, as it brought jobs and money into the area, the newspaper reported.


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