Earthquake: How To Survive The Earthquake In This City

A lot of people are thinking, what the hell did the earthquake just happen to me?

The truth is that if you are in this city, chances are you have been living in a bubble and that’s a good thing.

In many parts of India, the earthquakes happen more often and are a major cause of death and injuries.

If you are on the streets, you will feel it and you will be afraid.

You have no idea what is going on outside your home.

If your home is in a disaster zone, you may have no choice but to evacuate.

So, you are going to need to survive.

This article will give you a little more insight into what life is like when you are the victim of a quake.

Here is a quick guide to the quake.

A few things to note: The city is under a disaster-zone but there are no major floods, landslides or tornadoes.

If there is a flood, you can move quickly and be safe.

But you can be more careful, as the city can be very hard to get to in the flood plain.

Do you know more about this topic?

Start the Quiz 0 of 10 questions complete Earthquake: What to do if you were in a flood zone: What you should know about flooding A lot has happened in India in the last few years.

The Indian economy has gone through a major shock and the country is in the middle of a major economic crisis.

The worst is yet to come.

Here are some of the things to remember if you happen to be in the earthquake zone: 1.

No power, no water, no food.

You are going nowhere.

No water, electricity or anything else can be restored to the city.

It is too late to try to get back to the hotel or the place of work or even get to your home, as your life is lost.


If a building has collapsed or a road has collapsed, it is not safe to move.

It takes time for water to be pumped and the road can be completely blocked by the debris.

The roads that were damaged or washed away have been sealed off by police and local authorities.


Even if the power has been restored, people are still not going anywhere.

There is no electricity to speak of, even for the most basic needs.

You can get a generator to help you in your desperation.


You need to get a water filter for your tap water.

You cannot go out without it, especially if you live in the disaster zone.


If the water table drops below a certain level, it will be very difficult for your family to survive and you may die.


If it rains in the city, it can be deadly.

Even in the worst case, the rainwater will flood roads and sewers and flood entire villages.


There will be a lot of deaths, especially in the lower and middle classes.

If people are not prepared, the worst is likely to be the case.


If someone dies in a landslide, the flood water will be so high that it can easily drown people.


If one of your loved ones dies, you need to be prepared for a lot more than that.

A lot depends on the number of people and the number and type of bodies you bury.


If everyone is trapped inside their houses, there is no place to go outside and there is nowhere for the animals to go.

They are in a very vulnerable situation.

There are no evacuation routes in the area.

You must have a plan and be prepared to go in, and it may take a while to get there.

If everything is going wrong, it may not be safe to go out.

If that is the case, stay put and wait for help.

If you are looking for some additional information about earthquakes in India, click here for the Quizzer.


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