Hackers have hacked into the World Series of Poker website and stole all the money from the website’s users

Hackers broke into the PokerStars website on Thursday, taking all of the money available for play online, including money from players’ accounts.

The hacker group, who goes by the moniker of The CyberGhosts, also took the site’s database of users and their accounts.

This is the second major hack of poker sites in recent months.

A year ago, hackers also broke into The World Series and stole millions of dollars from the site.

According to PokerStars, hackers gained access to the database last year and accessed all of its users’ information, including account names and passwords.

PokerStars said that they have disabled access to their website due to the incident.

In the last few months, the hackers have targeted several other online poker sites, including PokerStars.com, PokerStars World Series, and PokerStars Pinnacle, among others.

PokerStar said it was taking the matter very seriously.

“Our users trust us with their data, and we’re working to identify the individuals behind the attack and take appropriate action,” said PokerStars CEO Gary Garcia in a statement.

“We take these breaches very seriously and will continue to investigate and take the appropriate measures to protect our users’ data and data integrity.”

According to the PokerNews.com website, the hacker group has a long history of targeting the World of Poker websites, including The World of Casino and The World Poker Club.

This incident highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity and the need for more security measures on the part of online poker players.

PokerNews has reached out to the owners of the Poker websites.


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