How to avoid a California earthquake: Don’t walk around and try to figure out what’s happening in the dark

How to stay safe while feeling the shaking in your home and on the move.

If you’re in an earthquake zone, read the guidelines below to make sure you’re prepared.


Avoid standing still.

When a major earthquake occurs, it can be difficult to keep your feet on the ground.

A typical earthquake is accompanied by a tremor that can be felt from miles away.

When this occurs, you may be in a vulnerable position and unable to move quickly.

When the shaking is very intense, standing still will not help.

Instead, stay still with your feet flat on the floor.2.

Avoid moving in a large area.

Move slowly.

Avoid going into buildings or moving in confined spaces.

Avoid any movement that can cause you to lose your footing.

If you are moving through a crowd or entering a building, be sure you are wearing a helmet.3.

Do not look down.

This will keep you safer, and it’s also very important to not look at your phone or computer.

Move your head slowly and gently and look at the ground while doing so.

If the ground is wet or slippery, move your head around to get the water out.

If your eyes can’t focus on the earth, you can still feel the earth moving beneath your feet.4.

Avoid driving.

If driving in a dangerous area, you should be driving with caution.

Drivers who are not familiar with roads and other conditions may make errors or fall, causing damage or death.

Drivers are also at greater risk of serious injury in an active earthquake, especially if they fail to maintain their speed and position.5.

Do NOT walk around or try to determine what’s going on in the darkness.

The earthquake may be faint, but it can still be an alert that you need to get out.

A small amount of light will illuminate your surroundings, making it easy to tell if you’re looking at an earthquake hazard.6.

Be aware of your surroundings.

If there is an active building or a large structure, the light you see may be an indication that you’re approaching an earthquake area.7.

Wear reflective clothing.

Wear dark clothing when there are active buildings, such as churches or hospitals.

Wear a helmet when you’re driving, because it can illuminate your car, allowing it to stay in the earthquake area and not be exposed to debris or water.8.

Stay alert.

The following guidelines will help you to stay alert and keep your eyes open.1.

If someone is injured, call 911 immediately.

If it’s an active quake, you must immediately notify local authorities.

If a small earthquake is detected, call the nearest county disaster center.2


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