How to avoid the ‘Bakerfield’ earthquake and avoid the Philippines earthquake

By Chris O’NeillUpdated | A deadly earthquake in the Philippines has killed at least 16 people and left at least four people dead.

The death toll has risen to 16 after the magnitude-8.9 quake in the state of Bicol killed at the highest level.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) says at least eight people have been killed and two others have been injured.

The quake was centred just a few kilometres (miles) from where the Australian actress Bibi Goldberg was filmed on location.

She was filmed for a documentary about the Philippines Earthquake on the eve of the quake.

Her friend and co-star, Roxy Bravo, said the earthquake felt like “a warzone”.

“I was walking towards my home and I heard a really loud, violent sound and I thought, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on here?'”

She said she and other people were “walking through the middle of the house when the earthquake hit and we heard the big boom”.

“We were running around and we were running to our windows and windows were shaking.”

The Australian actress was filming a news segment in the city of Bataan when she saw a building shake.

“There was a large building that had collapsed and it was shaking all around,” she told 7.30.

She then saw the injured.

“It was a lot of people lying in the street,” she said.

“The ground was shaking.”

Bibi Goldberg is a former Bollywood actress.

Her brother, Jay, said: “It was like a warzone.

I’m just glad we were able to get out of there.”

Ms Goldberg said the quake was the worst she had ever experienced.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” she added.

The earthquake happened on a night when Bollywood star Bibi was filming in Bataang in Bicol province.

Her character is the mother of a family.

The Philippines is among the worst affected regions in the world after an earthquake and tsunami hit the country in March last year.ABC/ReutersTopics:earthquakes,earth-quake,earthshaking-and-tectonic-event,disasters-and_news,paraguay,philippines,asiaFirst posted April 03, 2020 12:08:25Contact Chris OehlkenMore stories from Western Australia


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