How to find out if you’ve been struck by a quake

How to identify if you or a loved one has been struck in a major earthquake.

The map above was compiled by Redditor ljr, who points out that this particular quake is called an epicenter, but it’s also known as a subduction zone, which is where the fault lines originate.

This image was taken from a video on YouTube showing the exact location of the epicenter of the quake, which was on December 21, 2015 at 11:34am.

Reddit user takamatsu has provided a much clearer and more detailed map, which he says shows that the quake occurred in the Pacific Ocean.

Here are the locations of each location on the map: Koji, Japan: Tokyo, Japan; Toshima, Japan Atsumi, Japan Shizuoka, Japan Aomori, Japan Kawasaki, Japan Fukuoka, Japanese Kobe, Japan Tokyo, Japan Sendai, Japan Yokohama, Japan Nagasaki, Japanese The quake’s epicenter is a shallow underwater valley that runs between the Japanese island of Hokkaido and the northern Japanese city of Miyagi.

It’s a small island of about 3,500 square miles, which makes it the third smallest in the world.

Its depth varies from 500 feet (1.5 kilometers) to over 1,100 feet (305 meters).

Here’s a map from Japan’s Disaster Management Agency showing where the epicenters of earthquakes occur.

In addition to the cities and villages in Japan that have suffered major earthquakes, there have also been other places that have experienced a major quake.

Kansai, the country’s largest city, suffered a 3.8-magnitude earthquake in 2011.

Sapporo, the capital of neighboring Japan, suffered an earthquake in 1995.

And Nagasaki suffered a 2.8 magnitude earthquake in 1945.

What causes a major quakes?

A lot of the time, the cause of earthquakes is the Earth’s rotation.

The Earth is a sphere, and the rotation of the planet causes it to spin around the sun and cause earthquakes.

That’s why you see so many earthquakes in Japan.

However, this rotation also causes earthquakes in other places, and there’s some uncertainty as to what the cause is.

“There are many different types of earthquakes, from the magnitude 6 to magnitude 9 type of earthquake, but the most common ones are from the small magnitude 6 type that happen at the bottom of the ocean,” explains geophysicist Michael J. Stearns.

Stearns, a professor of geophysics at the University of California at Irvine, has been studying earthquakes for over 30 years.

He’s worked on seismic hazards, such as the tsunami in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and earthquake hazard mitigation.

He said that the major fault zones of Japan were caused by oceanic crust, which moves along the ocean floor.

According to the Japanese National Institute of Geophysics, there are around 300 known faults that are connected by a fault belt.

There are several large oceanic faults and about 10 smaller faults that sit beneath the Pacific.

A map of the major earthquake zone in Japan, showing the location of all the faults.

These are the major earthquakes that occur around the world, according to Stearnes.

So, the first thing to do is to find the location where the earthquake occurred.

Using satellite imagery, Stearn determined the earthquake’s location by looking at the geomagnetic activity of the Earth and comparing it to the amount of Earth’s magnetic field in that region.

There’s a huge amount of data that can be gathered about earthquakes.

That includes data on the earthquakes, the depth of the quakes, and how far the quashift has traveled.

Then, the most important part is determining what is causing the earthquakes.

“What causes earthquakes is probably the Earth moving around the Sun and the Earth spins on its axis, so the earthquake is the energy being transferred through the Earth,” explains Steares.

Some earthquakes are related to volcanic activity, while others are caused by a combination of both.

For instance, the Kuroshio-Tohoku earthquake that occurred in 2014 has been linked to an increase in volcanic activity and a decrease in Earth’s crust.

But, the majority of earthquakes are not related to these two things, according Stears.

“The main thing that is important is that these earthquakes are in areas that are at risk of earthquake,” he says.

Why are people scared of earthquakes?

The problem with earthquakes is that the damage they cause is usually far worse than the natural disaster that could have happened.

Scientists are not certain why people fear earthquakes.

The most popular theory is that earthquakes are caused not by volcanoes, but by climate change.

Dr. Richard M. Lindzen, an emeritus


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