How to prevent a ‘faulty’ earthquake: How to avoid damaging buildings

By Mike SeidelNovember 24, 2018 10:30amAlaska is in its third earthquake of 2018 and a new fault is showing up.

An earthquake fault has been forming on the east side of the state, and it’s causing earthquakes that have been causing tremors that have damaged hundreds of buildings.

According to a statement from the US Geological Survey, the earthquake has caused the ground to slip, with buildings buckling and buckling in the middle of the road.

The state Geological Survey has issued a bulletin warning residents to be on the lookout for large, unstable ground slides, which could cause damage.

It also warns residents to monitor for ground slides and to take precautions such as wearing an earthquake watch.

There have been more than 400 recorded earthquakes this year, but only two have occurred on this fault.

The quake on Nov. 24 shook buildings in Fremont, a town just west of Anchorage.

A tremor measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale is recorded near the town of Fremont and measured at 4.6.

A tremor is the force caused by a quake in the Earth’s crust.

The magnitude 3.7 quake that hit the town last week had a tremor magnitude of 3.9 and a depth of 1,800 feet.

No injuries were reported in the Fremont earthquake, but the quake’s magnitude could be seen as a warning to other areas in Alaska.

A similar tremor occurred off the coast of Alaska’s northwest coast on Nov, 24, triggering an earthquake of a magnitude 3 in the area.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has warned people to take precaution in the event of a large ground slide.

The Department of Energy is working with the Alaska Geological Survey and the USGS to identify the source of the shaking.

The USGS is providing earthquake alerts to the public and local governments throughout Alaska.


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