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What are the biggest earthquakes and what do they mean?

We look at the latest news on the biggest seismic events in the world, as well as the latest earthquakes.

article The latest in our coverage of the world’s major earthquakes.1.

Japan – A magnitude 6.9 quake struck off Japan’s east coast, with reports of damage to buildings and powerlines, and a tsunami warning in place.

There were no immediate reports of fatalities.2.

United States – A 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit Oklahoma, killing five people, and injuring 11 others, including three people in Oklahoma City.

There was no immediate information on casualties.3.

South Korea – A 2.4 magnitude earthquake struck South Korea, killing three people, with the number of people injured continuing to climb.

No immediate reports on fatalities.4.

Australia – A 5.9 magnitude earthquake killed five people and injured 14 in Sydney, with a tsunami advisory in place for parts of the east coast.5.

United Kingdom – A 6.7 magnitude earthquake rocked the UK’s North Sea coast, killing at least nine people, including a man who was swept away in a tidal wave.

There are no immediate updates on casualties or deaths.6.

China – A 9.3-magnitude earthquake struck the eastern coastal province of Sichuan, killing one person and injuring four others, with local authorities reporting that a third person was missing.7.

Mexico – A 7.8-m, 7.1-m and 6.5-m magnitude quakes hit Mexico’s southern border state of Chiapas, killing 13 people and injuring hundreds more.

The death toll is expected to climb as authorities attempt to locate the victims.8.

Indonesia – A 4.9-m quake hit central Java, killing four people, injuring eight others and triggering landslides.9.

Philippines – A 12.9 earthquake struck near Manila, killing eight people, wounding 12 others and causing widespread power outages, but there were no reports of any casualties.10.

Australia’s South West Coast – A massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the Western Australian state of South West has killed at least four people and has damaged or destroyed at least 15 homes and damaged another 40.11.

Russia – A huge 7.7-m earthquake struck central Siberia, killing two people, killing more than 100 and injuring at least 1,400.12.

Argentina – A giant 7.2-m tremor off the north coast of Argentina killed at towing truck driver Carlos Gomez-Rodriguez and severely injured several others.13.

Brazil – A 10.6-m (28.6 miles) magnitude quake struck the northeastern state of São Paulo, killing over 100 people, injured more than 1,000 and causing major landslides and mudslides.14.

South Africa – A major 7.3 earthquake struck in the state of KwaZulu-Natal, killing nearly 2,000 people and destroying at least 5,000 homes.15.

India – A 8.8 magnitude earthquake flattened parts of central India, with several towns and villages destroyed, with casualties rising to over 4,000.16.

China’s Guangdong province – A powerful 8.1 magnitude earthquake destroyed more than 200 homes and knocked out power for several hours.17.

Pakistan – A series of 5.5 magnitude earthquakes struck Pakistan’s tribal areas, killing a number of civilians, injured dozens of others and leaving at least 12 dead.18.

South Sudan – A devastating 5.1 earthquake hit South Sudan’s south-eastern province of Dinka, killing dozens of people and damaging buildings and infrastructure.19.

Australia and New Zealand – A tsunami advisory has been in place in New Zealand’s south east coast for parts, but no immediate details on casualties have been reported.20.

Chile – A strong 6.4-m seismic event off the south coast of Chile killed at most eight people and damaged or killed dozens of structures, with many damaged by landslides, according to the Chilean government.21.

South Vietnam – A quake hit the south of Vietnam, killing 15 people and causing damage to several buildings, including the capital, Saigon.22.

United Arab Emirates – A severe 8.9 tremor struck the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, killing 18 people and killing at the most one person missing, with authorities saying at least 18 others were unaccounted for.23.

Peru – A large 6.8 earthquake hit Peru’s northern coastal province and killed more than 30 people.24.

China-based news outlet The Nation has identified three dead in China’s Liaoning province, with another two people reported missing.25.

A 7-m powerful quake hit eastern Afghanistan, killing and injuring more than 70 people, the provincial governor’s office said.26.

The Philippines – At least nine residents died and another 11 were injured in an earthquake in the southern city of Tacloban.27.

The US Geological Survey said that a 6.6


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