Russian government calls on U.S. to halt arms sales to Ukraine

The Kremlin has warned that U.K. President Donald Trump’s decision to halt all arms sales should be reversed and that Moscow should be given “the right to defend its interests” in eastern Ukraine.

In a tweet, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “gravely concerned” by the U..

S.-Ukraine conflict and that Russia was prepared to defend itself in the event of a military conflict.

The Russian foreign ministry said Washington’s decision “undermines international efforts to restore peace in the region” and that the U:s decision to suspend arms sales is contrary to the international law and norms on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“The Kremlin calls on the U, the United States and the European Union to stop this irresponsible policy and return to the diplomatic and political dialogue on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the ceasefire agreement and the establishment of an independent peace process,” the ministry said.

The Kremlin has previously expressed concern that U-S.

President Trump is attempting to use Russia as a pawn in a geopolitical game against Russia.

Trump, in a meeting with NATO leaders on Monday, called on European countries to put pressure on Moscow to stop arming Ukraine, accusing Moscow of backing the separatist movement in the east.

The president said Russia’s military presence in Ukraine was “threatening to our country, threatening to our allies, and threatening to the peace and stability of the world.”

The Kremlin said Washington was seeking to use Ukraine to justify sanctions against Russia and accused the Trump administration of attempting to create chaos and undermine the Mavi Marmara rescue mission.

Ukraine and the United Nations have launched an investigation into the Mavri Marmaries rescue mission in which rescuers and a Russian medic were killed when their helicopter crashed on a snowy field in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk.

The incident has sparked a crisis that has left more than 6,000 people dead, wounded thousands and left more to flee.


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