Taiwan’s Biggest Earthquake to Hit in Decades: Latest on the Taiwan earthquake – Business Insider

10:30am: The magnitude of the Taiwan quake was around 6.3, according to Taiwan’s Bureau of Meteorology.

9:00am: Taiwan’s Earthquake Bureau says the tremor was centred about 3.6 miles (4 kilometers) north-west of Taipei at a depth of 3.3 miles (5 kilometers).

8:00pm: The epicentre of the quake is at Taipei City, which is located in southern Taiwan, but it is a smaller quake, at magnitude 3.2.

7:45pm: There have been no reports of injuries or fatalities.

6:00 pm: Taiwan says the quake has killed one person and injured five.

5:30pm: People have been evacuated from the area around the quake, and a power cut is in place for the affected areas.

4:45 pm: The quake’s epicentres are around Taipei and Taipei International Airport, with the magnitude at 4.4.

3:45 am: There is no immediate impact on roads or public transport.

2:30 am: The earthquake has been centered about 3 miles (3 kilometers) west-northwest of Taichung in central Taiwan.

1:55 am: Taiwan has warned that there could be landslides and power outages in parts of the country.

11:20am: A series of smaller earthquakes has been recorded in China in recent weeks, including one that killed 19 people in the capital Beijing on November 6.

The Chinese government says the quakes have been caused by a landslide.

Read more about Taiwan quake here: 9.29am: China’s Ministry of Science and Technology says it is monitoring the earthquake.

8.45am: It has issued an alert for a tsunami warning and for the evacuation of large areas of Taiwan and other areas.


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