‘The End of the World Is Near’: An End of History and Science as We Know It

The End of The World Is Nigh is a book about the end of history and science as we know it, the first book in a series that began with the book by the same title.

It’s not a very good book.

But it is a very nice book.

It has some interesting observations and some fascinating historical figures, all of which I think are worth considering in light of the coming end of the world. 

[The End Of The World is Nigh] is not a new book, but it’s not the first.

In fact, it’s the most recent book in the series, and I believe it’s very timely.

And it is not just a new work of literature.

It was written as an antidote to the climate change denialism that is currently sweeping the country.

The book, and many of the others I’ll be discussing, were written by prominent scientists. 

This was a time when climate change had become a major political issue, and there were serious doubts about its existence. 

The End is NIGH was published in 2017 by Columbia University Press.

It includes a number of quotes from prominent scientists like Stephen Hawking and Michael Pollan.

But there are also quotes from other people like Elon Musk, and people like the famous climate change denier Bill McKibben. 

You’re reading this now, so I’ll just summarize some of the major points in The End Is NIGH, but I’ll make sure you know what it is you want to know: 1. 

“Science is not to be understood as a collection of facts, nor as a single set of facts.

The truth is always complex and the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Science is often like poetry, and its most powerful work is the human voice that emerges from the depths of the imagination.

We cannot ignore the complexity of the story we are telling.” 


“…we must reject the idea that science is somehow an ‘either-or’ proposition.

Science tells us things that are not only not true, but that we cannot account for.

The idea that we have to accept something just because we can doesn’t pass the smell test.” 


“[I]t’s not just the science that matters; it’s what it means to the human spirit.” 


When you consider all of the science and all of that we are talking about here, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to say that the end is nigh, and we should accept this as a fact. 


Scientists have always known that the world is ending.

There’s a reason they call it the Anthropocene. 


It’s not that science has been wrong, it is that science should be wrong. 


Science is the greatest instrument in the history of humanity. 


In order to have a meaningful conversation about the future, we must recognize that the best way to get to the future is to get past the past and understand the present. 


We must accept that science and technology are not the only tools that matter. 


To be sure, we do have other tools at our disposal.

We can use them to create a better world.

But we must remember that the only way we will survive is to embrace the power of science, which is the source of so much of our strength and happiness. 


And if you think this is all wrong, then I’m sorry, but this book doesn’t even try.


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