‘There was no earthquake’: New Zealanders react to earthquake in SA

New Zealander Chris Broughton said he and his family had been in the country for three days.

“I am really sorry to hear the news,” Mr Broughston said.

The earthquake happened at around 8:30pm on Wednesday at an altitude of about 2,300 metres (9,600 feet).

“It was a very quiet night and the house was very quiet,” Mr Lacey said.

“I heard the shaking and the roof shaking but no real damage was done.”

I just saw a big wave coming from the sea and it was just an incredible feeling.

“Mr Broughson said he did not believe the earthquake had been caused by the Pacific plate moving into the South Island.”

There was never any evidence of a Pacific plate hitting the South Pacific and it is not possible to imagine that that could have happened.

“The only thing that is possible is a very big earthquake that hits somewhere in the South East of Australia.”

Aerial images from the coast of Southland showed a large area of land was affected by the quake.

The SA Department of Emergency Services said a number of buildings were destroyed and there were “no reports of damage to structures”.

The State Emergency Service said it was assessing damage to the buildings and the community, but did not provide any details.

A man walks near a house where a landslide was caused by an earthquake in Southland, south of Sydney, Australia, Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

A man walks in the street in the area, which was hit by the earthquake.

(AP Photo/Joel Sherman)Mr Baughton said while he did feel the shake, the house and the area around it were still a bit quiet.

“It wasn’t like I was living in a house in the middle of nowhere,” he said.

“We had been there for three nights, we were all in the same room together.”

All I could think was how bad it must be to be out in the streets.

“So, we had to do what we did and just stay in bed.”

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