What the US earthquake looks like from inside Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app is already a major hit in North America, with over 100 million people downloading it on iOS alone.

Now, a new report claims the app is making its way to a lot more places in the US, including parts of California.

According to a report from The Verge, Google’s data analytics company has discovered that “some players in the U.S. are using the app to search for earthquakes in their cities,” including a large portion of San Diego.

The report suggests that the app may be creating a similar phenomenon to how real-time GPS can sometimes trigger earthquakes in areas where GPS signals are weak.

The app was originally designed to be used for safety and public safety purposes, but the game is currently being used to search places where there are earthquakes.

Google’s analysis of the app’s location data suggests that a large majority of users are using it to search the San Diego area.

According to the report, “Google Maps was able to determine that the San Francisco area is experiencing a moderate earthquake.”

Google has been actively testing the app for a number of months, and has been aware of a large earthquake occurring in the area for some time.

The company has been monitoring earthquake activity and has sent out a warning to users, warning them to stay away from areas where there is strong seismic activity.

However, there has been no major earthquake in San Diego since May 5.

According Google, it has seen an increase in the number of users accessing the app, with the app seeing an increase of 100,000+ daily users.

It’s not clear what causes these increases in users, but Google’s analysis suggests that “this increase may be related to the increased number of players accessing the game.”

The Verge reports that Google is also aware of “several earthquakes” occurring in San Francisco, but it is unclear if they were caused by the app or a legitimate user.

The map data suggests the earthquake activity may have been triggered by an earthquake that occurred in California, but there are no reports of serious damage or deaths.

The Verge notes that this may be because Google is not aware of any earthquakes in the Bay Area.


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