What you need to know about the earthquakes in northern Idaho and northern Utah

What’s the best way to prepare for an earthquake in northern California?

The epicenter of the latest quake that struck Northern California is in the town of Oroville, which lies near the southern end of the San Andreas fault line, according to a report released Tuesday by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake was centered about 12 miles (19 kilometers) north of Orovans main downtown, near the mouth of the Oroville Reservoir, according the report.

The quake was preceded by several smaller quakes and was centered 3 miles (5 kilometers) south of Oropean Beach in Lake Oroville.

The epicenter was about 16 miles (25 kilometers) east of the village of Palmdale.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in the coastal region, including parts of the state’s central and southern counties.

The National Weather Service issued a low-level, mostly stationary earthquake watch in southern California, including the Los Angeles area, according a bulletin posted on the weather service’s website.

The earthquake also prompted evacuation orders for more than 4,000 people from the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Ventura County and Ventura, Calif.


The California Department of Emergency Services tweeted Tuesday that residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties were advised to shelter in place.

The Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office tweeted that people should avoid all populated areas.

An alert was issued for the town near Lake Oropea, which is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of the epicenter, in California, the Los Angles Times reported.

A quake of this magnitude typically generates minor damage, the newspaper said.

The area is also known as the Oroquevale Fault Zone, or OAKZ, a designation created to help residents of that area prepare for any potential future earthquakes.

This is a developing story.


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