What you need to know about the historic earthquake in Georgia

Georgia has suffered one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory after an earthquake shook the nation’s capital and sent shivers down the spine of the nation.

A magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck the Georgia coast, killing at least 16 people and injuring thousands, but a preliminary preliminary report from the National Earthquake Information Center said the quake was not linked to the epicenter.

A National Weather Service advisory said there were “moderate” aftershocks that were “likely related to the historic tremor” that hit the region late Thursday night.

There were no immediate reports of fatalities or injuries, but some residents reported feeling the tremor.

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal said at a news conference that he’s urging residents to stay away from the coast.

“I want people to know, don’t go into the water.

Don’t go outside,” Deal said.

“There is a possibility of some injuries.”

Officials are warning that people may experience dizziness and vertigo.

The National Weather Center has issued a red alert for the coast, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is also urging residents not to drink or drive.

The historic magnitude-7.3 quake struck just before midnight on Thursday in Georgia, according to the US Geological Survey.

There was no immediate report of fatalities.

Georgia Gov.

Deal tweeted that the quake could cause “dizziness, vertigo, dizziness, or loss of consciousness.”

The governor also urged residents not take photos or videos while they are inside.

Deal said there was no danger to the public.

“We will continue to work closely with state and local officials to get the most effective information to inform the public and address the needs of our communities,” he said.

Georgia was the last major U.S. state to be struck by a natural disaster, according a report from CBS News.

It was also the first time a U.A.E. quake hit the U.P.A., the US Army Corps of Engineers said.

The earthquake shook houses and knocked down power lines, forcing millions of people to flee their homes and businesses.

Georgia has the nation’ second-largest population of U.


A total of 16 people died and over 5,400 were injured in Georgia and more than 4,400 injured in other states, according the USGS.


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