What’s the difference between a earthquake and a tsunami?

A tsunami is a large wave of water that hits land and causes damage.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake is much smaller, about 50 meters (160 feet) in diameter.

But earthquakes can produce similar effects.

“There are a lot of earthquakes that are just really big and really strong, like magnitude 7 or 7.0,” says Mark Jorgensen, a seismologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

“But if you’ve got a really big earthquake, you can feel it, because the ground is shaking.”

What causes a tsunami What’s a tsunami in the US?

Tsunami is a term for waves that travel in the ocean, and they are generally caused by large waves.

A tsunami usually happens when a powerful earthquake hits a region and the water comes crashing down, knocking out power and damaging buildings and homes.

A wave traveling at 2 kilometers per second (1.8 miles per second) is called a supersonic wave, or an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.

It can occur at a depth of up to 3 kilometers (2.4 miles), or about the same as a 4.5 earthquake.

What’s different about earthquakes in California?

The California coast is about 70 percent water, so the vast majority of tsunamis are caused by a tsunami, but a tsunami can also come from a landslide or other type of event.

“An earthquake in the California desert, where there’s very little vegetation, will produce a tsunami that’s about the size of a tennis ball,” Jorgenson says.

“You can also see these tsunamias at the end of summer when people are having a barbecue or enjoying a hot day in the beach, because people are getting in and out of their houses.”

What are some ways to prepare for a tsunami during a disaster?

A tsunami has happened in California before, but this is the first time it’s been as big as magnitude 7, which is considered the most powerful earthquake in California history.

Jorgensen says that a tsunami should always be monitored by the National Weather Service.

“People need to be on the lookout for tsunami warnings,” he says.

A disaster is expected to happen soon in California, but Jorgansen says it’s important to prepare in advance.

“If you live in a coastal area, you need to have a plan, because you’re not going to be able to leave your home if you don’t,” he adds.

If you or anyone you know is in an earthquake zone, you should immediately notify the local authorities and evacuate if possible.

If people don’t get out of the area quickly, Jorgsensen advises, “you can definitely expect more severe flooding.”

What to do in a tsunami When you think you’ve had a tsunami or landslide, you may feel a shaking in your body.

This is called tingling.

This can be a temporary sensation that is relieved by rest.

You may also feel a sense of pressure on your neck.

This usually occurs when you’ve felt something hard.

If the tingles stop, it’s probably time to call the local police.

“Tsunamis can be deadly,” says Brian Nettleton, a registered nurse and disaster preparedness instructor in Santa Barbara, California.

“It’s not something that you can just shrug off.

If it happens suddenly, you’ll feel like your life is on the line.

And it’s very possible that it could kill.”

How can you avoid being swept away by a wave?

If you are a resident of an earthquake-prone area, your best bet is to move your belongings out of those areas, Nettton says.

He recommends packing all your personal items, such as valuables and jewelry, in a small, sturdy suitcase or briefcase that you store in your car or on the roof of your home.

If there are people who live in the same area as you, you might need to use a special type of evacuation device, called a flash flood watch, to help you stay safe.

You should also make sure you don�t take your belongings into flood zones, Nattleton says.

If a tsunami is expected, you and your family should leave the area immediately, he says, even if the coast is calm.

You can also go to a local beach and enjoy a picnic or other activity.

If your home or business is still standing, you don �t need to evacuate, but you should be aware of the hazards, Nottleton says, adding that it�s best to evacuate while the coast remains calm.

If someone is hurt or killed by a disaster, Nellter says, you have the right to sue to recover damages.

“We�re going to have to work through this, but it�ll be worth it in the end,” he warns.

What do you do in case of a tsunami if you�re in the U.S.?

In most cases, the U, S. Coast Guard


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