What’s the latest in the latest news in Italy?

Rome, March 8 (RNS) In the wake of a devastating earthquake in the capital, news from Italy is being delivered with an unshakeable sense of purpose.

With more than 150 dead, more than 60,000 injured and more than 400,000 displaced, the earthquake has shaken the country to its core.

But, despite a large and vocal community, there is no doubt the damage caused by the earthquake was enormous, as well as the emotional impact.

As of Wednesday morning, more people have been evacuated from central Italy as a result of the earthquake, with the government announcing the death toll from the quake is now up to 11,000 people, and more people are feared to be missing.

While some of those affected have been relocated to other parts of Italy, others have remained in the southern port of Pescara, as it remains difficult to access them due to the damage.

A number of people are being treated in hospital in the city of Pisa, including a young woman who was hit by a car and died on Tuesday.

In the northern city of Genoa, meanwhile, authorities have begun evacuating the area to reduce the risk of landslides and flooding, as a number of bridges were knocked down by the quake.

The earthquake was preceded by another one that struck Rome on January 30, triggering a three-week evacuation of the capital.

The two quakes were followed by devastating earthquakes in central Italy that damaged buildings, killed at least 14 people and left more than 500,000 homeless.

The epicentre of the second quake was the town of Parma, which was hit on January 24, and a number were damaged and evacuated in the following days.

But in the wake for the second earthquake, a number more people were evacuated from the city centre, while a small number were found in other parts.

In Pescola, some 300 people were rescued after an evacuation order was issued.

In Genoa alone, more 500,00 people were displaced.

The number of reported fatalities from the earthquake remains at 11,091.

The first quake hit the city in the early hours of February 12, followed by the second one a few days later.

It triggered a five-day power cut that has seen a further 500,0000 people affected, and damaged or destroyed more than 2,600 buildings.

The third quake hit in late January, killing at least 25 people, injuring at least 1,000 and leaving more than 800,000 without power.

In Rome, more 1,400 people have died, many from electrocution.

Many of those killed were children.

The latest death toll is yet to be announced.


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