Which earthquakes are the biggest in history?

A geomagnetic storm triggered by an earthquake can cause ground to shake and damage the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes that can devastate entire communities, scientists say.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that an earthquake in Turkey’s southern province of Adana last November killed nearly 300 people, and triggered a major earthquake in the Turkish province of Gaziantep that shook Turkey’s largest city for nearly two hours, injuring more than 1,000 people.

It was the first recorded event of a geomagnetically active earthquake that triggered an earthquake, the AP reported.

But geophysicist and geophysics professor Efraim Leibovich told the AP that the Turkish quake could have been much bigger, with a magnitude of 3 or 4.

The Turkish quake triggered an event that lasted for just over a minute and an hour, and could have had more than 3,000 aftershocks, including aftershakes and aftershowers, Leibovitch said.

There are several geomagnets active in the Earth’s crust.

These include magnetic, acoustic, and other waves that move around the Earth and travel through space.

A geomaser is a device that measures magnetic fields, which can be used to measure the direction of waves traveling through the Earth.

In the Turkish earthquake, geomasers measured the magnetic fields in the surrounding atmosphere.

“It’s not that the geomakers had any idea of this kind of thing,” Leibvich said.

“The only reason we know of that is because of the fact that we have the data.”

Scientists are currently trying to determine what caused the Turkish disaster.

Geophysicist David Schaller of the University of Arizona told the Associated Press that he believes the Turkish geomasters may have made a mistake by failing to properly test the geophysicists equipment, including geomats and geodesy machines.

Geophysicist Dan Moller told the New York Times that the Turks fault was probably caused by an anomaly in the magnetic field.

“The Turks fault has nothing to do with the geodesic device,” he told the newspaper.

“If the Turks had been careful with their equipment, and used the right equipment, they would have found this anomaly.”

Turkey’s government is investigating the Turkish accident.

Geoscientist Dr. Selvad P. Merelcioglu, a member of the Ankara city government, said the Turks geomaster had been replaced with another person, who he said was a trained geomatician.

“We have received an official complaint about this, but it is too early to know the details of the complaint,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said the geoscientists work was “not related to the Geomagnetic Storms project,” which is run by the Turkish Academy of Sciences and is run in coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology.

“According to the data, it was an anomaly of a different type that caused the geoms of the geodetic field to move.

We are investigating this,” Merellcioglu said.


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