Why Nzezana Bola’s death is devastating news for the Nzezi people

A man who was critically injured in a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami in South Africa’s eastern Cape Town on Sunday has died, officials said.

Zelina Bola, 42, was in critical condition after she was seriously injured by the 9.8 magnitude earthquake in the southern city of Nzezxana.

Her husband, Daniel Bola said she had been at their home when the quake struck, which struck at a depth of about 10 kilometres.

“She was in the house with her three kids and her husband when the tremor hit.

The house collapsed.

She was lucky to get out of the house,” he said.”

I just couldn’t believe it.

It was the most shocking thing.

She didn’t have any friends.”

Bola was a volunteer with the Nzanda National Disaster Relief and Emergency Management Agency.

She had been on the front line during the 2011 tsunami, when hundreds of people died.

“Her family is in a difficult place,” said Danyal Bola.

“They’re very upset about this, and she’s the only survivor.

She has two sons, ages 13 and 17.

She’s in an extremely difficult situation.”

Zelna’s husband Daniel said his wife’s death was a “devastating news” for the countrys eastern Cape, where she had worked for the past two years.

“This was the second earthquake to hit Nzeza this year.

There’s been three since.

We don’t know how many there will be,” he told News24.”

It’s a very hard time, but it’s better than the last earthquake when people had to evacuate because of the damage.”

The quake struck at around 3:30pm local time (05:30 GMT), the same time as a major tsunami, with a magnitude of 9.9.


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