Why you should watch ‘Fargo’ on Hulu: ‘It’s funny, and it’s real’

I am so glad I saw Fargo this week.

The show, set in Fargo, Minnesota, is set to open its season in January.

The FX series is about a group of people who move to a small town after their family is destroyed by a devastating earthquake.

The cast is diverse, with roles for white, gay, and transgendered folks, but the show is also built on the fact that the main characters are black, and that Fargo is about the people in the city who have survived and thrived after the devastation.

It’s a fascinating and touching depiction of the challenges and resilience that are part of the fabric of America.

Fargo premiered in January, and has already received critical praise for its characters and the show’s ability to tackle racism and bigotry in a way that feels real and relevant to the times.

I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and was reminded of the impact of that first episode.

Fargo is also notable for its willingness to take on the topics of race and discrimination that we’re often afraid to address in mainstream media.

In the episode, a young white man (played by Tom Hanks) gets a phone call from a family in rural North Dakota, who tell him that their son has been murdered and the police are investigating.

The family’s son has gone missing, and he’s been found dead in a ditch, his body covered with the tags of several people.

The police say that he may have been a black man, but they’ve been unable to locate him, because he’s not a suspect.

The caller has been identified as a black male, and they suspect that the man might have been killed by a white supremacist, and there’s evidence that he has a gun, and may have taken it.

The message is clear: This is the way it is.

I don’t know what this means, but I do know this: When you live in a town that has survived a catastrophic earthquake, you will have been told that you are not welcome, that you have no right to be there, that the police will never be able to find you.

And if you’re white, you are likely to be the last person you will ever hear from.

I’m not saying that this is the first time Fargo has tackled racism and inequality in a realistic way.

The series is just the latest to take a stand on race in the United States.

It premiered in 2013 with the debut of its most popular episode, “The Jinx,” which tells the story of a man in Alabama who is framed for the murder of a white woman.

In that episode, played by Kevin Spacey, we see the aftermath of the trial of the man who killed the woman, and we see a number of people of color who were arrested or tried for their alleged involvement in the crime, often without a trial.

The Jinx has been praised for its depiction of race in America, and the series has been hailed for its diversity.

It has also earned awards recognition for its portrayal of racism and injustice.

And that’s why Fargo is so powerful.

This show is about racism in America.

It is about how people of different races feel at the same time.

It explores the fact of how race, as an identity, can be defined by race and class.

And the way that Fargo’s cast deals with those struggles is powerful.

The first episode of Fargo is a story about race, and racism, in America in the late 1960s.

In it, we witness the aftermath from the trial for the man that killed the white woman, as we see how a white family has been forced to move from their home to a trailer park in order to live, and how the police do not have enough resources to investigate and prosecute the case.

We see a family that has to move to get away from the turmoil and fear of what the police have become, and who are told that they are not allowed to return home.

We also see the story unfold over the course of the next year, with the storytellers trying to understand the circumstances surrounding the murder and try to find answers for their son’s death.

In doing so, we learn about how racism can be framed as a crime committed by a black person.

And we learn the way in which a black family can be blamed for a crime that was committed against a white person.

In a moment that feels very relevant to our times, we also see a black woman’s family struggling to deal with the effects of the civil rights movement and the racial divide that was created in the 1960s, and what that meant for the lives of black people.

This is an era when people of all races are speaking up, and doing the right things.

And so, it’s not surprising that Fargo was nominated for nine Emmys.

It also received nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series for “The People v.

O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” and Outstanding Variety Series for its “Fargo


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